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Where it all begins


released February 27, 2016

Riki Takaoka; Art Work (
Dan Saulpaugh: recording engineer (
Julian Zentner: Digital editing of artwork (



all rights reserved


My Dog, Spaceship New York, New York

Psychedelic 8bit dungeon beats 4 the soul
Feels for the zone

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Track Name: Wizard Pool
Verse 1:
Yes, Mr President, of course i will accept this gift
Only on the condition of
Granting me the key to all of it
The gear, the mask, the gloves
And though I don't deserve grandma's good darn tootin pies
We'll venture through the distant skies
Granting heart felt goods to everything
And cure the common cold for
Them Necromorphs,
The pesky kids destroy everything!

I wish to be the man before closed visions
Who plays make-believe, while i dream
And there's a piece of me residing under the impression of
Being anything
And though my ignorance might blind you all
That don't mean nothing
No that don't mean nothing to me.

Got all the thoughts i need
I can swim through space and fly
And teleport through movie screens
Pick up radioactive disease
And reign the headless queens
Open up tears between
Rapture and Columbia
The air up there's so fresh to breathe
Catch a ride on the old song bird
And sleep above the beach
With Crocodiles
Who make breakfastfrom the alligators

*Repeat Chorus*
Track Name: CapEEtan
Captains log, day number 304
Since i last saw the yellow sun
Conditions have been grand
Is that possible? Improbable...
Vaguely thinking previous positions
Where am i now?
Not in the clouds, or even me...
As myself

Breathe with me and maybe you'll see
This is such a dead fantasy
Once upon a time has plagiarized far too far
From those six disguised senses.

I was told, by a fox one night
To get out of the city I'd made
the buildings and the church were crumbling from
The sweets they were constructed of
Was that me speaking through some sort of vision
From poisoned wells?
Ideas of I, have vanished never
As they do now.

*Repeat Chorus*